Police Press appreciate women empowerment in Police Force

Women aren’t even close to accounting for 10 percent of the police force strength in our country. A new report published by Tata Trust shows that Indian’s 2.4 million-strong police force has only a mere seven percent women in it.

“Even if states commit to increasing women’s representation at a modest additional one per cent per annum, it will take most of them and institutions decades to reach even to this aspirational 33 percent,” said the report.

The report also found that only six percent women are inducted in the police force at the officer ranks. It also shared data in other sectors and revealed the gender disparity in them as jail staff only accounts for 10 percent and judges in the high courts and subordinate courts only have 26.5 percent women in them.

Apart from gendered underrepresentation, the report also shows caste-based under-representation, as SCs, STs, and OBCs are barely inducted in the police personnel as the large percentage of reserved seats for these marginalized communities continue to go vacant.

Between 2011 and 2016, the report reveals, the number of women in police personnel and women officers among all police in Kerala dipped to 0.03 and 0.13 percentage points respectively. This resulted in the rise of vacancies at the officer level by over three percentage points.

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